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Pedal Steel Guitarist and

The Author of

"Music Theory in the Real World
A Practical Guide for Today's Musicians"

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In the past, whenever Michael has been approached about teaching he has referred everybody to L/A.ís premier pedal steel guitar teacher, John "Professor Twang," McClung.

John has decided to move to Washington, so Michael Perlowin is planning to resume teaching, and will be taking on any of his students who wish to continue their studies with him, as well as new ones.

He will be using some of the same teaching materials John has used, as well as other resources, including Winnie Winston's book, some Jeff Newman material, and some things he's written or will write himself, including his music theory book, See here: http://www.perlowinmusic.com/book.html and the special pedal steel guitar supplement he wrote which explains how the actions of the pedals correspond to the concepts discussed in his book.

Michael says: "My goal as a teacher is not just to teach a student to play by rote, but to increase the level of understanding of how the instrument works. In other words, how to "Think Steel."

Michael Perlowin can be reached at and (323) 340-8010  

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